Important Characteristics of Society

When more than one person agrees with each other, develop a mutual relationship among them, and cooperate, this creates a society. A society is formed to protect the interest of its participants. It becomes a difficult task for a person to survive without a society. A society is built upon trust, mutual interest, and unity.

Society creates a relationship among its different members. You have an economic relationship with the shopkeeper, a social relationship with your neighbor, and a blood relationship with your children, parents, brother, sister.

Importance of Society

The privileges that one enjoys by living in a society cannot be easily earned. If it was not for our founding members of the society, we would not be able to enjoy the freedom of speech, to express our opinion, practice our religion, culture, tradition, and live an independent life. Living in a society benefits everyone. The members work together and perform social activities for the betterment of the society.

The necessities of an individual cannot be fulfilled while living alone. When people meet, they communicate and share ideas, happiness, views, problems, and discuss the solution together. This helps an individual live a happy and comfortable life.

Characteristics Of A Society

  • Society is formed by individuals who agree and like each other. This agreement or likeness can begin with mutual interest, family relationship, or common lineage. This grows likeness among members, which creates a society.
  • When you form a group, it is impossible to avoid conflicts. Conflicts are important for a healthy society. This is another characteristic that must exist for societies to develop. A society that is 100 percent organized and conflict-free is impossible do not exist. Cooperation and conflicts are both important for the formation of a society.
  • People have different professions, ideas, viewpoints, interests, and abilities. This is what strengthens a society. This does not mean that there is a conflict between them, but this shows the different views that people have.
    If there was no difference among individuals, it would have been impossible to take a society forward. People would contribute very little, and there will be limited give and take in this situation.
  • An individual cannot satisfy his desires and interests in isolation. It becomes impossible to live alone when you have no one to rely on. Therefore, to survive, a society is formed, in which the needs of the people can be fulfilled. Not only societies but countries and continents also depend upon each other.
  • If the members of a society do not agree on anything, can’t work together, or can’t seem to see eye to eye on a problem, it becomes impossible for a society to lead a happy life. Cooperation is important and necessary for a society to exist. The concept of society is born when people cooperate and have common interests. It is impossible to survive in a society where the members do not cooperate. While conflicts and differences are important, no society can exist without cooperation.